Eliminate Islands of Automation

islandsAs companies grow, they quickly discover that their accounting system does not handle all of their business activities. Many companies find they are using spreadsheets, manual processes, or multiple applications to fulfill their needs. This creates remote islands of automation with information scattered in many places.

To evaluate meaningful financial information and reports, employees must consolidate this information. Entering the same data multiple times in different applications leads to a waste of valuable time. It also allows for manual typing errors and a lack of data integrity. Finding and fixing the errors across multiple applications or spreadsheets requires even more time and creates employee frustration.

Instead of finding a different software application for every business process—accounting, customer-relationship management, etc.—you need a single, integrated solution to handle your business processes. With an integrated solution you will eliminate errors and duplication, save time and money, and improve efficiencies and profitability. Here are some examples of the benefits you can realize with an integrated solution.

  • Your staff will be more productive as they will learn one application faster than several applications
  • Employees save time by entering data only once
  • You will reduce the potential of errors caused by manual typing into multiple applications
  • Employee frustration will be greatly reduced
  • Financials and reports are much quicker and easier to produce, and contain information that is complete, reliable and accurate.


Many companies find that replacing their “Islands of Automation” with an integrated solution provides more than the obvious benefits. They find that an integrated solution pays for itself in a very short amount of time.

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