Why Do Businesses Need Agility?

Forrester Research has defined business agility as “the quality that allows an enterprise to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine.” Many businesses feel that they meet that definition of agility, yet paint themselves into a corner when selecting business systems to manage their companies. There are best practices that need to be followed when evaluating critical business systems.

One of the most important is determining the flexibility of each solution under consideration. Not only will the system provide the functionality you need today, but will it grow with your business and actually help you accomplish that growth?

To meet the needs of your business and customers, you need to consider multiple factors:

  • speed_of_agilityWill the system meet your functional needs not only now, but in the future?
  • Is the software tailorable to respond to changing business and customer demands?
  • Will it help you to serve your customers more effectively and efficiently?
  • Does the system support various operating system technologies providing you flexibility in how you deploy and access your data?
  • Is the vendor committed to future enhancements to keep pace with your needs and technology?
  • Is the system scalable to allow expansion without undue or significant effort and expense?

Agility means a partnership between business management, IT resources, and software vendors to evolve the enterprise as needs change. This is not a one-time project but an on-going business transformation effort that requires commitment from each of these areas.

Implementing Flexible Solutions for Business Agility

As SouthWare’s largest reseller, ASG provides SouthWare systems configured specifically to help you reach your business’s full potential, yet flexible enough to change as the market evolves.


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