Software Solutions

Today’s businesses must operate as a whole with each individual, department, and business unit interconnected. ASG provides systems that integrate all business-related processes, and eliminate the need for multiple software platforms and third-party applications.

Our flagship product is The SouthWare Excellence Series ERP.  With SouthWare, all functions of business management are connected — from sales to operations, finance to support, and service to management.  SouthWare offers an elegant interface, tailorable to many different business structures.  Because of its modular nature, companies can start small and enhance SouthWare as their business processes grow.

A basic overview of the SouthWare interface:

SouthWare from Scott Gaspar on Vimeo.


SouthWare’s Financial Management Series is a fully integrated family of business software for your accounting and related processes. The features of this robust system have been refined over many years to handle the most challenging needs of thousands of businesses of all sizes.

Providing comprehensive visibility, this system combines key information from all financial areas, including accounts payables and receivables, general ledger, cash flow, payroll, and more. With SouthWare’s Financial Management Series in place, you will always be up-to-speed on what’s impacting your finances.

Service Management

SouthWare’s Service Management Series is a complete system which employs specialized service functions and unique integration of accounting, inventory control, sales processing, and sales management software. This system combines the modules you need for seamless dispatching, scheduling, billing, contracts, equipment repair history, warranty information, technician tracking, and other service functions. With service this efficient, you will reduce costs, increase revenue, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Technicians have access to everything they need in the field, including service history, and quoting tools. From the office or the field, you can see where your technicians are, and what they are doing using SouthWare’s advanced GPS tools tied to the GPS chip in their mobile device. There is no expensive GPS equipment to purchase with SouthWare.

Sales & Customer Service

SouthWare features a full Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) system that gives you and your sales staff the ability to nurture and grow your leads and prospects into customers with integrated scheduling, marketing and tracking tools. The CRM also offers a complete order management system and customer service module designed to deliver exceptional customer care and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Inventory & Distribution

SouthWare produces a comprehensive line of modules for your inventory-related operations. Our sophisticated Inventory Control includes tracking numbers (serial/lot/etc.), various costing methods, multi-location flexibility, and many related capabilities which help you manage inventory levels and information. Purchasing features help you buy what you need, when you need it, and at the right price.

With SouthWare, you can track the assembly of items from inventory, returns to vendors, and returns from customers. Sales options include Point of Sale, Order Entry (and related shipping processes) and Rentals. In addition, powerful management tools ensure that you always know where you stand in reaching your goals for profitability and service.

touchposSMComplete Integrated POS System

SouthWare’s standard and touch-screen POS is remarkably stable, easy to use, and configurable to a wide range of retail business models.  The system can be implemented on most existing hardware and is compatible with tablet pc, Android, and iPad devices.

The POS system is completely integrated with SouthWare’s database so there are no import/export requirements, and sales transaction data is always live within your system.  You can use your existing payment processor or take advantage of the built-in Cayan Genius payment processing system that accepts all payment types including ApplePay, PayPal, Google Wallet, and other emerging payment options, as well as traditional credit cards.

Business Management

Manage the details of your business more efficiently. SouthWare’s Business Management tools allow you to quickly manage and track business operations online and offline — from the front-office, to the back-office. Committed to customer service and support, we deliver a powerful solution for increasing efficiency and profitability, always striving to help you achieve success.

System Administration Tools

Off-the-shelf business management software can’t meet 100% of your needs — but SouthWare can. One of the most valuable benefits you get with SouthWare is the ability to tailor the features of your system to meet the special needs of your business while remaining compatible with current and future versions.

Our powerful administration tools are flexible enough that you can easily change screens, customize forms, add new data fields, design reports, and build in your own custom business rules and processes that make you unique.


Strengthen customer relationships and lower costs at the same time with secure, browser-based network access to company data. Your customers can submit orders, quickly check account balances, check the status of orders, submit service requests, review product history, report changes of address, request product literature, and many similar functions in a “self-serve” environment. With SouthWare, your business management systems are integrated with your eCommerce solution — so data accessed by your customers is always up-to-the-minute accurate. Simple and efficient, your customers will appreciate the ease and practicality SouthWare has to offer.


Whether your sales force needs to process service orders in the field, or you need to customize your credit card interface to match the requirements of your card processor or bank, SouthWare provides Interface solutions that support your business goals. SouthWare’s Credit Card Interface, Shipping Interface, and Electronic document trading, help you save time, simplify work, and integrate with your software to minimize paperwork, securely exchange information, and streamline business operations.

Supported Platforms & Compatibility

SouthWare’s products are designed with a uniquely portable technology that enables you to choose from a growing list of over 600 different operating platforms — giving you more system compatibility than any other business software provider.