Business Software Investment: A Recipe

Investment in business software for your company is one of the most important choices you will make. The process can either be painful and disruptive, or it can be liberating, depending on the approach. There are four primary drivers in the decision to evaluate new software. The recipe you use to combine them determines success or failure.

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Protect Your Data

Backup is essential for any business, and with the added threat of ransomware, backup solutions can help avoid costly business interruptions.  A true disaster plan requires both on-site and off-site versioned copies of your data.  For on-site high-speed data backup we recommend ioSafe.  This solution is fireproof, waterproof and rugged.  About the size of a 4 slice toaster, this unit can be bolted to the floor in your server area for added security.


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5 Ways to Keep Up With Inventory

oldinventoryProper inventory management is critical to your business. Excess inventory items could go unused and eventually be outdated, gathering dust and eventually being disposed of and written off. Lack of available inventory is also a bad thing — it can lead to dissatisfied customers when items or replacement parts are needed but unavailable.Continue reading

Learn the Language

“before you buy new software.”

The majority of my day is spent on the phone fielding questions from nervous business owners interested in moving from one software platform to another.   As experienced leaders, these owners understand that change is difficult and painful.  Most have been through a software migration in the past, and very few have good things to say about that experience.  

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Why Do Businesses Need Agility?

Forrester Research has defined business agility as “the quality that allows an enterprise to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine.” Many businesses feel that they meet that definition of agility, yet paint themselves into a corner when selecting business systems to manage their companies. There are best practices that need to be followed when evaluating critical business systems.

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Eliminate Islands of Automation

islandsAs companies grow, they quickly discover that their accounting system does not handle all of their business activities. Many companies find they are using spreadsheets, manual processes, or multiple applications to fulfill their needs. This creates remote islands of automation with information scattered in many places.

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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

mobiledevicesYou may be asking “What’s BYOD?

BYOD is a relative new acronym which simply means: Bring Your Own Device

More and more companies today are experiencing this movement where employees use their own devices for work. It may be a Smart Phone, tablet, netbook, notebook or some other new technology.

When they bring their own device to work, is it a good deal or a bad deal?  Well, that depends.
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